Associate Professor in Archaeology

University of Bergen University Museum of Bergen

Lecturer in Political Science and International Studies

University of Queensland School of Political Science and International Studies

Research Assist­ant in Tech­no­logy and Soci­ety

Technische Universität Berlin Cen­ter for Tech­no­logy and Soci­ety

Lecturer in Sociology

Queen Mary University of London School of Politics and International Relations

Assistant Professor in Law and Economics

University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Law School

Assistant Professors in Public Policy and Governance

University of Amsterdam Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Researcher in Gender Research

Uppsala University Centre for Gender Research

PhD Research Fellowship in Evolutionary Genomics

University of Oslo Natural History Museum

Doctoral Position in Media and Communication Studies

Lund University Department of Communication and Media

PhD Scholarship in Social Science

Monash University School of Social Sciences

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