Adjunct Faculty in Music Technology

New York University


NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (MPAP) Music Technology Program seeks qualified candidates to teach in the following fields:

Creating with Interactive Media  (Graduate Level)
A study of the principles and practice of interactive media; surveying strategies, aesthetics, techniques, hardware, and software. Various works will be analyzed and new works created with individuals and/or groups of students for insight into the creative process as applied to interactive media. Resources utilized include analog and digital sound synthesis, MIDI controllers, Max MSP, Ableton LIve, video projection, field recording, immersive sound and telepresence software. This course is open to all students in the MPAP music community. 

3 D Audio (Graduate Level)
An interdisciplinary course about the theory, techniques and applications of 3D and spatial audio including the following topics:

  • Acoustics and psychoacoustics
    • Physical acoustic of directional hearing
    • Psychoacoustics of directional hearing
    • Reverberation and environmental sound
  • Recording and Engineering
    • Binaural and extended headphone reproduction
    • Binaural over loudspeakers
    • Surround sound + height
    • Sound field recording
    • Wave field synthesis
  • 3D audio applications
    • Signal processing
    • VR implementation

Audio for Video II / Applied Audio for Video (Graduate & Undergraduate Combined)

An advanced study of the concepts and applications of audio post-production for television, film & the web. Through lectures and projects, students will engage in the study of the strategies and techniques involved in the overall production of a complete soundtrack. Special emphasis will be placed on the aesthetics of sound design. By analyzing the work of some of the film industry’s leading sound professionals, an appreciation of sound for picture as art as well as craft will inform the student’s own development, and increase understanding of the filmmaking process and the typical workflow for audio post production.



  • Master’s degree in music or music technology or equivalent combination of education and professional experience
  • Previous teaching experience 


  • 5 years experience and significant achievement in the field
  • Teaching at the Graduate level in the field
  • For Creating with Interactive Media: Expertise in Interactive Media either academically, professionally or both
  • For 3D Audio: Expertise in 3D Audio applications, Acoustics/Psychoacoustics and Recording/Engineering either academically, professionally or both
  • For Audio for Video II / Applied Audio for Video: Expertise in audio post-production for film and TV either academically, professionally or both.

Application Instructions

Submit the following via Interfolio. Emailed materials will NOT be reviewed or considered:

  • Cover Letter addressing teaching philosophy and diversity, equity, and inclusion practices
  • Resume/CV
  • Name & Contact Info of 2 references