Associate Professor of Social Innovation

University of Tartu Institute of Social Studies

Institute of Social Studies



Duties and responsibilities
  • Conducting lectures and seminars on topics related to social innovation at all levels of higher education.
  • Supervising master’s and doctoral students on topics related to social innovation.
  • Internationally recognised research in five years at least in the volume equivalent to that of one doctoral thesis.
  • Management of a research theme or research or development project in the field of social innovation.
  • Development of science collaboration within the University's different institutions and between other research and development institutions/universities in the world.
  • Collaboration with other organizations or networks working with social innovation.
  • Writing proposals and attracting additional funding on national and international levels.
Required qualifications
PhD or an equivalent qualification
Required experience
  • International-level research in the specialisation, the volume of which is equivalent to at least two doctoral theses.
  • Ongoing active engagement in research: internationally recognised research in the last five years at least in the volume equivalent to that of one doctoral thesis.
  • Experience in planning and conducting research, team or project management.
  • Competence of social scientific research methods to study social challenges and opportunities for social innovation.
  • Success in applying for research funding and performing RDC contracts in the last five years.
  • Previous teaching experience of areas related to social innovation.
  • Effective supervising of master’s and/or doctoral students.
  • Experience in creating study and teaching aids for institutions of higher education.
  • Knowledge of modern study aids, learning environments, learning methods and their development opportunities.
  • Participation in the international cooperation for social innovation.
Required language skills
Very good oral and written proficiency in Estonian. Good English skills are needed for communication in his/her field.

Starting at
Remuneration based on UT salary rules.
Additional info
Margit Keller

e-mail: Margit.Keller [ät]