Faculty Position in Civil Engineering

National Taiwan University Department of Civil Engineering

Non-tenure-track Faculty Position Opening at the Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

Office 工學院--土木工程學系

TIME 2021/2/25 下午 05:17:11

Content The Department of Civil Engineering at the National Taiwan University invites applications for non-tenure-track faculty positions, including all levels of assistant, associate, and full professors. Applicants with expertise and teaching interests in parts of the following courses are welcome.

Course title         Semester Credits Teaching hours
Applied Mechanics 1     Fall 2 2
Applied Mechanics 2     Spring 2 2
Engineering Mathematics 1 Fall 2 2
Engineering Mathematics 2 Spring 2 2
Engineering Mathematics 3 Fall 2 2
Academic English Writing Fall, Spring 3 3
Hands-on course
Conceptual Design Studio Fall 2 3
Physical Model Design Laboratory Spring 2 3
Civil Engineering Capstone Challenge Fall, Spring 3 3

Teaching requirments:

1. At least 16 hours of courses should be conducted each week. Among them, 6 to 7 hours should be spent on conducting university-wide or college-wide fundamental courses. The rest of the time would be on courses arranged by the department.
2. In principle, all courses should be taught in English.
3. In addition to the formal semester courses, support on university educational programs, such as prerequisite courses, short-term international program, etc., is expected.
4. The teaching evaluation should follow the university regulations.

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