Faculty Position in Global Innovation

National Taiwan University College of Medicine

Project Faculty Position at NTU College of Medicine Global Innovation Joint-Degree Program (;GIP-TRIAD)

Office 醫學院--國際三校農業生技與健康醫療碩士學位學程

TIME 2021/7/14 下午 03:28:41

Content Position:

Contract Faculty position specialized in teaching: Assistant Professor or Higher [Starting from Feb. 1st, 2022]

Application Deadline: 

Aug. 15th, 2021


Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree Qualified candidates are welcome to demonstrate the capabilities of excellent teaching and communications in English particularly on “Health and Food Safety, Cross-disciplinary and Sustainability Issues” and of performing independent research ability of performing independent research. Applicants who have the ability to educate the cross-domain professions and to solve sustainable issues are highly preferred. Expertise and experiences in the fields of bioinformatics, biostatics and medical big data as well as a great passion in academic education are also encouraged.

Benefits and Salary:

According to the NTU regulations as the corresponding tenure track faculty.

【Special Instructional Principles】

(1) At least 16 hours of teaching per week, and which include of 9 hours the common courses university- or college-wide as well as other professional and related courses of our program shall also be offered.

(2) The professional courses of this program must be taught in English.

(3) In addition to the formal semester courses, the faculty might also support the pre-university courses, international short courses in school, etc.

【Application Documents】
(1) Application Form (Please see the attached Form #1).

(2) Curriculum Vitae

(3) Teaching plan(s): Please provide 1-2 courses with outline/syllabus, bio-informatics- and precision health-related teaching preferred.

(4) One photocopy of doctoral degree, original of transcripts.

(5)One photocopy of personal ID card (both side) and/or passport.
(6)One photocopy of current job certificate and/or approval letter

(7)Other beneficial documents and materials:

  Ex: teaching experiences, copies of publications, awards etc.

(8)3 recommendation letters.

【How to Apply】

(1) Please submit the above application documents before the application deadline:

(i) Please send the [Application Documents] (1 – 8) and combine a PDF file.

(ii) Please send the “Application Form (1)”, which shall be in a WORD (doc/docx) format.

(iii) 3 copies of recommendation letters. Please inform the recommenders send the letters to us directly. The subject of the email is: “Applying for the Project Faculty of NTU GIP-TRIAD _ applicant name”. Our email address is: chsueh@ntu.edu.tw

(iv) Please send the all of original documents to our office before the deadline. “GIP-TRIAD Office, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Room 223, No. 1, Sec. 1, Jen-Ai Rd., Taipei 10051, Taiwan”

(2) An interview in English will be arranged if recommended by the Recruitment Committee. The content of the interview will include of a 10-min trial teaching in English (The subject could be defined by yourself, but shall be based on the requirements of our program). We will not notify applicants who are not recommended.

For more information, please contact:

GIP-TRIAD Office, National Taiwan University

Room 223, No. 1, Sec. 1, Jen-Ai Rd., Taipei 10051, Taiwan
T: +886-2-23123456 ext.88594

Contact: Ms. Hsueh

Email: chsueh@ntu.edu.tw

Website: http://www.ntugip-triad.ntu.edu.tw/

Related website http://www.ntugip-triad.ntu.edu.tw/web/news/news_in.jsp?np_no=NP1626237944501
Contact Ms. Hsueh
Tel 02-23123456#88594

EMail chsueh@ntu.edu.tw
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