Full Professor of Economics of Health and Digitization

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Full Professor of Economics of Health and Digitization

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WU is currently inviting applications for the position of a full professor1 of Economics of Health and Digitization at the Department of Economics. The position is funded by the UNIQA Privatstiftung for a period of 5 years; after this initial period, the University will fully fund the position should the Foundation not continue funding. Candidates are expected to have established an international reputation as a researcher in their field. Depending on the candidate’s academic credentials, the employment contract can be concluded either as a permanent employment contract or as a fixed-term employment contract with the option of a permanent extension.2

The Department of Economics upholds internationally competitive standards and is committed to excellence in research. It offers comprehensive expertise in state-of-the-art theoretical and empirical methods, and its research and teaching covers a wide range of topics (https://www.wu.ac.at/en/economics/forschung/forschungsbereiche/). The Department enjoys a vibrant and internationally oriented research environment, and the members of the Department are committed to pursuing new scientific knowledge and contributing to solving contemporary, global, societal problems. The visibility of the Department as an outstanding research institution is reflected in rankings (most recently 10th in the “Handelsblatt” list of the best economics faculties in German-speaking countries) and further strengthened by training early-stage researchers in a high-quality PhD program. The Department is now looking to recruit a Professor of Health and Digitization to strengthen and add to its research and teaching portfolio.


WU assesses performance in the context of each applicant’s biography and relative to the opportunities available to them. This approach recognizes that academic achievements cannot be assessed separately from each individual researchers’ biographical factors. To ensure equal opportunities, qualifications are evaluated relative to the applicant’s academic age. This means that WU takes biographical factors such as part-time employment or career interruptions due to caregiving or childcare obligations or other functions performed at or outside of a university into account.

In your application, you can include personal data related to biographical factors. WU will keep all data that you send us as part of your application confidential. All persons involved in the selection procedure are bound by obligations of secrecy.

The successful candidate is expected to have established an international reputation as a researcher in their field and to have outstanding qualifications. Candidates’ qualifications will be assessed in the context of their academic age. Candidates must have:
  • A solid academic qualification (PhD, habilitation or equivalent) in economics or a related field;
  • An outstanding international reputation for high quality scholarship in the area of Economics of Health and Digitization commensurate with academic age, especially by having demonstrated the ability to publish in top-tier journals in the field;
  • Excellent teaching qualifications at undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • A strong competence in cutting-edge methods of empirical research;
  • Proven international experience;
  • A strong record in attracting research funding (commensurate with academic age);
  • Leadership qualities;
  • Gender and diversity management skills


The successful candidate is expected to perform teaching activities at all levels (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD/doctorate, and executive education), both in the classroom and in distance-learning formats. Full professors are expected to teach 8 weekly credit hours.

The professorship is to deal with aspects of sustainable healthcare systems in the digital age. Research subjects and activities of the professorship could include the following topics in particular:
  • Evaluation of economic aspects of the digital transformation in the field of human health and health care systems (including the use of digital technologies for the prevention of chronic diseases, telemedicine, incentive systems for health care providers, etc.).
  • Strengthening evidence-based foundations for decisions and reforms in the health care system, considering interactions with other areas of the economy and society (including the labor market, the care sector, the social insurance system, the pension system, and the tax system).
  • Evaluation of a goal-oriented health care regulation through incentive systems towards transparency and efficiency.
  • Exploring market mechanisms to increase the efficiency of health care delivery.
  • Exploring ways to enable citizens and patients to make more active, qualified and thus optimized health-related decisions.
We also expect the new professor to take an active role in the university’s self-governance and third mission activities.


WU is committed to diversity and inclusion, and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply. In case of equal qualification, female candidates will be given preference. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply and will be supported during each stage of the recruitment process.

Applicants should address their applications and all relevant documents (including in any case a letter of motivation, academic CV, reference to the criteria specified in the call for applications) to the rector of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna and upload those on the button below.

Please submit your application via WU’s online recruiting tool by December 7, 2022.

For details of the position, please contact Professor Rupert Sausgruber, chair of the Department of Economics, by phone: ++43-1-31336-4572, or email: rupert.sausgruber@wu.ac.at.
For details of the application process, please contact the Senior Faculty Recruitment team email: prof.application@wu.ac.at.

Please note: Only applications uploaded via our online recruiting tool will be considered. In their application documents, applicants must respond to all criteria specified in the call for applications, especially to items A) Qualifications and B) Expectations. A reference to these two items is considered a mandatory element of any application to WU Vienna, and any applications that lack this mandatory element cannot be considered.

Please note that proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 or, for individuals who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, appropriate proof (recovery certificate, quarantine notice, doctor’s confirmation) is a prerequisite for employment at WU. Exceptions apply if vaccination is not possible for medical reasons, which must be documented and confirmed by a medical specialist. For individuals vaccinated with vaccines not authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), proof of vaccination must be provided in the form of proof of neutralizing antibodies not older than 90 days. In all other cases, employment at WU is only possible if during the application process, the candidate expresses a willingness to become vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible. A written declaration to this effect must be signed when the employment contract is finalized.

1 employed under salary group A 1 pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff [Kollektivvertrag für die Arbeitnehmer/innen der Universitäten], minimum gross yearly salary: €76,127.80; the actual annual gross salary is subject to negotiation
2 The duration of fixed-term contracts is subject to negotiation.