Lab Technician

Tufts University Department of Comparative Pathobiology


The Department of Comparative Pathobiology supports faculty and staff who teach, conduct research, and provide diagnostic services to the small and large animal hospitals as well as outside organizations. Educational areas of emphasis include Clinical Skills, Veterinary Anatomy, Veterinary Biochemistry, Organ Systems and Pathophysiology, and Veterinary Pathology. Research areas include reproductive biology, neuroscience, and biotechnology. Faculty provide anatomic and clinical pathology diagnostic services through the Cummings Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, which supports patient care by the school’s hospitals.

What You'll Do

The anatomy lab technician will join and work as part of the Anatomy team. They will keep the anatomy labs clean, organized and in good condition. They may also assist with cleanup of the gross necropsy room in pathology. They will set up and break down the lab after classes and exams. They will assist with embalming, (gross) dissection, and plastination of large and small animals needed for teaching the veterinary anatomy courses. Additionally, they will complete any associated paperwork with their tasks and keep up with inventory. The anatomy lab technician will assist in making any other models and may assist with dissections. They will distribute and collect teaching tools for the students. They will adhere to all laboratory safety practices. May require a flexible schedule to accommodate exams and pathology needs.


Essential functions as a lab technician include:

  • Specimen preparation including bone preparation, de-fleshing, disarticulating, labeling models, gross dissecting, plastination, and embalming, with associated paperwork 
  • Lab cleaning and repairs, inventory supplies, and check IT equipment 
  • Organizing: Storeroom, cooler, freezer and storage pods, and bone boxes; distributing and collecting study bone boxes and skulls; managing and updating inventory 
  • Lab and exam setup and break down 
  • Assist Pathology with cleanup of the necropsy room

The scheudle for this position is Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm with an occasional need to come in early and/or late on exam days.

What We're Looking For

Basic requirements:

  • Knowledge of or experience with animals in a professional setting
  • Basic computer skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • High School diploma or equivalency test (GED or HiSet)
  • Strong organizational skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with dissection, embalming cadavers, or soft tissue plastination
  • Experience working productively in a team environment
  • Familiarity of anatomy and anatomical terminology

Pay Range

Minimum $21.80, Midpoint $25.95, Maximum $30.10

Salary is based on related experience, expertise, and internal equity; generally, new hires can expect pay between the minimum and midpoint of the range.