PhD Position in Collaborative Smart Surfaces in Home Materials for IoT Wireless Powering

Catholic University of Leuven Department of Electrical Engineering

The Division ESAT-WAVECORE is a multidisciplinary research group of the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) at KU Leuven focusing on a broad range of topic areas ranging from electromagnetic theory, microwave/millimetre wave devices and circuits, to telecommunication systems. This PhD vacancy is in the team of Prof. D. Schreurs, with long-standing experience in microwave/mmwave experimental techniques for applications ranging from wireless communications to biomedical diagnostics.


Due to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), the number of energy demanding wireless devices in the home environment (such as smartphones, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, laptops, etc.) increases rapidly. As the number of sockets in a residence is limited and the frequent need for recharging or battery replacement is time consuming, the project aims to power IoT devices wirelessly through the house infrastructure. Therefore, smart surfaces will be conceived for walls, ceilings, floors, and even furniture. It will be researched how the surfaces can be implemented unobtrusively and cost-efficiently, by making use of typical home and furniture materials (e.g., wood, textile). Each surface consists of a mesh of cells that collaborate as to achieve directive wireless powering of devices that are not nearby. In addition, the surfaces implemented in furniture enable also inductive powering of nearby devices. On top of this, the various surfaces embedded in a room collaborate in a distributed way, optimizing the high-frequency power beams to the IoT devices. A particular point of attention is to ensure safety for living subjects present in the home environment. 


MSc in electronics engineering, with preferential track microwave engineering. Experience with RF PCB design and embedded programming are assets. 


PhD scholarship for 4-years, and support for pre-doc, if required. 


For more information please contact Prof. Dominique Schreurs, mail:

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