PhD Position in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry

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PhD Student Position in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry
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Are you a problem-solver, an imaginative and creative thinker, with an idea for everything? Do you excel in making new molecules, shaping your designs into materials, and haven't lost your passion for learning? Then we got a job for you!

We are a fresh research team at the University of Zurich. We do innovative chemistry, combining the versatility of organic synthesis with the power of self-assembly. We strive to enable our students to deliver cutting-edge science while nurturing personality and team-play. Our team is international, made up of highly diverse backgrounds, experiences and personalities. What we don't know yet, we learn. What we can't learn, we create. Find out what we do and who we are on our website.

Ready to put on the white coat for us? We are looking for a talented candidate, who shares our passion for great science and a delightful sense of humour. Come as you are and follow us on our journey.

Your responsibilities

In this fully funded, full time project, we develop hyperbolic π-surfaces that precisely stack to give unprecedented types of molecular assemblies. This project involves the synthesis of molecular systems and the study of their assembly in solution and in the solid-state. You will be involved in the design of these new targets, bring them to existence with your evolved synthetic skills, and then guide their assembly into functional superstructures.

Your profile

We look for a highly motivated PhD student with strong skills in organic synthesis of aromatic systems and a flair for non-covalent interactions. You convince with your hands-on attitude, agility, ambition and creativity. You have a humble personality and engage work and people with enthusiasm and generosity. You display strong team orientation and problem-solving skills. You are sceptical and independent, with high standards of competence and performance.

You show:
  • Comprehensive experience (MSc or equivalent in organic chemistry)
  • Proficiency in multistep organic synthesis, including microscale and inert-atmosphere procedures
  • Experience designing and planning complex synthetic sequences
  • Familiarity with aromatic/functional dye chemistry
  • Practiced spectroscopic skills, with a particular emphasis on NMR spectroscopy
  • Very good English skills (our day-to-day language is English)

What we offer

Here is something you don't get every day: We will migrate our labs to the University of Geneva, so you will get two Unis for the price of one: you start your PhD journey in Zurich and will be one of the key players when we move to Geneva in the second half of 2023. If you are curious for new experience, have a high sense of mobility, welcome exposure and like breaking ground, perfect. This position is just made for you!

For us, only competencies count. Send us your application regardless of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ideology or disability.

The core values of the Rickhaus Lab are:
  • Servant Leadership
  • Disruptive Thinking
  • A lab culture that empowers
  • Diversity equals power
  • Success by trust and autonomy
  • Room to grow
  • Nurturing dependable science

Place of work

University of Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, Zürich, Switzerland

Start of employment

The employment starting date will be mutually agreed upon. Please submit your application as a single PDF.

Further information