PhD Positions in 3D Machine Learning / 3D Vision

Technical University of Munich

PhD and PostDoc Positions in 3D Machine Learning / 3D Vision (Prof. Dai)

3D Semantic Scene Understanding: The world around us exists spatially in 3D, and it is crucial to understand real-world scenes in 3D to enable virtual or robotic interactions with such environments. We investigate machine learning approaches to infer semantic understanding of real-world scenes and the objects inside them from visual data, including images and depth/3D observations.

Generating 3D Models From Visual Data: Imagine creating 3D photos, holograms, or your own custom video game content from a quick video observation. We develop generative 3D models from 2D or 3D observations, focusing on indoor environments.


• Applicants for a PhD must hold a Master’s degree in computer science or equivalent

• Fluent written and spoken English skills

• Proficient C++ coding skills

• Experience with deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch)

• Enthusiasm and self-drive towards driving research forward :)

How to Apply:

• Required Documents: CV, research statement, BA/MA transcripts, (optionally, MA thesis)

• Ask two recommenders who know your work to directly email recommendation letters

• Send all documents (including rec. letters) directly to Prof. Dai (

• Please understand that we cannot review incomplete applications


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