Postdoctoral Position in Engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Headcount: 2

Research directions:

1. Design and intelligent control of robotic electromechanical system;

2. Theoretical research and application of medical robot, special robot and industrial robot.


1. Aged under 35, have obtained a doctorate degree or have passed the doctoral dissertation defense;

2. Have a solid theoretical foundation in the study of robotics, mechanical design or automatic control, or have research experience in the fields of computer science, mechanical and electrical system design, artificial intelligence or big data analysis, etc; have published high-level academic papers in mainstream international journals in relevant fields;

3. Good health, strong sense of responsibility, passion for scientific research, teamwork spirit and innovative ability;

4. Strong Chinese and English writing skills;


1. Complete relevant scientific research projects;

2. Assist in guiding graduate and undergraduate students;

3. Apply for postdoctoral fund, National Natural Science Youth Fund and other scientific research projects.


1. The annual salary is no less than 250,000 RMB yuan (before tax, including housing allowances), and the specific amount shall be determined through consultation between the supervisor and the post-doctor;

2. Necessary office, scientific research and experimental conditions are offered;

3. Be supported to apply for national, provincial and municipal postdoctoral talent projects and research projects during postdoctoral period, and those who are sponsored will enjoy corresponding treatments;

4. Permanent registered Shanghai residence, social insurance and provident funds are offered in accordance with the policies of Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. If the post-doctor stay and work in Shanghai, his or her spouse and children can settle in with the post-doctor.


1. Please send the detailed resume, including education background, work experience, achievements and contact information, to the email address below, under the subject "post-doctor application + name + graduation institution";

2. Candidates will be invited to onsite interview after phone or email communication.

Contact: Prof. Tong


Division of Human Resources, SJTU

Publication Date: 2020/3/24