Postdoctoral Positions in Genetics, Genomes and RNA; Membrane Protein Complexes and System Dynamics


The COFUND FP-DYNAMO-PARIS programme offers a unique interdisciplinary environment and
a fundamental research initiative in the centre of Paris to train the scientists of tomorrow in the
field of Physico-chemical biology. The goal of the research programme is to integrate knowledge on
gene expression, structural and membrane biology, and bioenergetic in bacteria, chloroplasts and
mitochondria in the general context of improving our understanding of the biogenesis of energy
transducing membranes. These studies will involve cutting-edge technologies including structural
biology (NMR, x-ray crystallography, and CryoEM), RNA sequencing, mass-spectrometry, synthetic
biology, microfluidics, computational modelling and visualization. Post-doctoral fellows will have the
opportunity to develop their research projects in a dynamic scientific environment covering
three main research axis: 1) Genetics, Genoms and RNA, 2) Membrane Protein Complexes and
3) Membrane System Dynamics. They will benefit from the supervision of internationally-recognised
experts in their fields, as a worldwide network of renowned institutions, cutting-edge research
infrastructure and state-of-the-art technical know-how that will allow them to hone their scientific skills,
make themselves known and increase their competitiveness in the labour market. Specific training will
be proposed to ERs through attendance of the EMBO course on "Laboratory Leadership for Postdocs"
included in a retreat in Padua, and involvement in dedicated complementary soft skills training events.

Post-doctoral positions:

Genetics, Genomes and RNA

• Investigating the role of new regulators of mRNA translation: a case study in the hetero- and
autotroph model bacteria, E. Coli and Synechocystis
PI: Gregory Boel
• Structural biology of RNA-protein complexes
PI: C. Tisne
• Ribosome Quality control in Yeast
PI: L. Benard
• Telomere Biology
PI: T. Teixeira
• Genome evolution and post-endosymbiotic innovations in diatoms
PIs: A.a Falciatore, I. Lafontaine
• Structural study of [4Fe-4S]-dependent sulfuration enzyme MnmA involved in genetic
PI: B. Golinelli-Pimpaneau (1 year contract at College de France)

Membrane protein complexes

• Heme import in bacteria: structural studies of transmembrane protein complexes
PIs: V. Biou, N. Dautin, P. Delepelaire
• Study of the energy landscape of G protein-coupled receptors
PIs: L. Catoire, K. Moncoq
• Structure-function study of a tripartite efflux pump from the ABC superfamily, in its lipid
PIs: M. Picard, M. Zoonens

Membrane system dynamics

• SyBOrg, creating a synthetic membrane organelle in E. coli and C reinhardtii
PIs: F. Zito, B. Miroux
• Structure and function of factors involved in mitochondrial fusion
PIs: M. Cohen, P. Meyer

What we offer

• Exciting work in a dynamic team of researchers with backgrounds in different disciplines across biology,
chemistry, physics, and computational science.
• The convivial, international environment in a human-sized atmosphere on the Montagne St-Genevieve
campus, in the Latin quarter of Paris.
• A 2-year contract with a competitive salary, starting at around 2500€ after taxes (for a candidate with
less than 2 years of post-doctoral experience)
• Mentoring programs to support career development.
• Development of personal strengths, e.g. through an extensive range of training courses, opportunities
for career and personal development

Application deadline: March 27, 2022 (Do not take into account a deadline on the CNRS Portail Emploi

Start date: flexible, between May 16 and September 30, 2022
Workplace : Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique (Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology)
IMPORTANT: Candidate must comply with the mobility rule which stipulates that you have not resided
or exercised your main activity (work or studies) in France for more than 12 months during the three
years preceding the date of recruitment.

Application including a detailed CV and cover letter describing your short- and long-term career
objectives must be submitted on CNRS Portail Emploi Website.
In addition please send a minimum of 2 reference letters and a signed declaration stating that you
comply with the mobility rule to the following email address

In case of any troubles with submitting your application please contact: Magdalena Tortyna