Postdoctoral Researcher in Cell Biology and Immunology

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Research directions:

1. Genomics and bioinformatics: study the construction mechanism of three-dimensional space structure of genome and the regulation mechanism of gene expression within genome by using computational and experimental biology techniques;

2. Molecular immunology: study the directional differentiation mechanism and physiological function regulation mechanism of T/B lymphocytes; infer and identify the key regulatory factors in the process of lymphocyte differentiation and activation through artificial intelligence-based learning, simulation and data modeling.


1. Aged under 35, have obtained or is about to obtain a doctor's degree; interested in one of the above research directions;

2. With research backgrounds in life science, mathematics or computational science, and have published high-quality academic papers in mainstream international journals.

Job responsibilities:

1. Complete relevant scientific research projects;

2. Assist in guiding postgraduates and undergraduates.

Remuneration package:

1. Annual salary no less than 242,000 RMB (before tax, including housing allowances), the specific amount to be determined through negotiation with the supervisor;

2. Necessary office, scientific research and experimental conditions;

3. Support to apply for national, provincial and municipal postdoctoral talent projects and research projects, and corresponding treatments once sponsored;

4. Permanent registered Shanghai residence, social insurance and provident funds, offered in accordance with the policies of Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. If the post-doctor stay and work in Shanghai after leaving the station, spouse and children can settle in with the post-doctor.


1. Please send the detailed resume, including education background, work experience, achievements and contact information, to Prof. Guo at, and name the email “post-doctor application + name + graduation institution”;

2. Qualified candidates will be invited to onsite interview after phone or email contact.

Division of Human Resources, SJTU

Publication Date: 2020/10/9