Professor in Applied Geochemistry

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Professor in Applied Geochemistry

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Oulu Mining School (OMS), Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland, invites applications for a professorship in Applied Geochemistry. At present, the academic staff in Oulu Mining School consists of seven professors, four lecturers and four post docs representing geology, mineralogy, ore geology, applied geophysics, mineral processing and mining engineering. The number of students accepted each year to study geosciences as their major is 35. In addition, OMS runs the International Master’s Programme in Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining with annual acceptance of 20 students to do their studies. OMS Research Centre is hosting a continuous automated pilot concentrator facilities and mining engineering, mineral processing, geochemistry and sedimentology laboratories. In addition to the various research facilities at the university, OMS has access to the joint cutting-edge analytical equipment hosted by the Geological Survey of Finland.

Mining is an integral part of socio-economic growth and well-being and therefore, the holistic management of mineral resources and their recycling is highly important in modern societies. Applied geochemistry plays a crucial role throughout the whole mineral resources value chain, from early-stage exploration to mine closure. Geochemistry is applied to detect mineral deposits, reveal element distributions in and around deposits, assess the geochemical environment, and refine effective extraction and waste disposal techniques. In Fennoscandia, geochemical exploration utilises geochemical properties of the bedrock as well as its Quaternary cover for discovering new mineral deposits. Applied geochemistry can provide essential tools also for mitigating impacts for environment and to carry out sustainable mining in the Arctic. Overall, geochemistry can be seen as a discipline that deals with the relative abundance, distribution, and migration of the Earth’s chemical elements and their isotopes. Geochemistry has been long an essential part of research and teaching in OMS and related to mineral exploration and mining industrial activities in the northern Fennoscandia. The University of Oulu has defined the mining and mineral field as one of its development areas.

Job description

Professor in Applied Geochemistry is responsible for developing research and teaching in geosciences and applied geochemistry in collaboration with other teachers in OMS. The candidates for the professorship in applied geochemistry should show their expertise in some of the following research areas: geochemical applications in mineral exploration, in mineral extraction or in environmental geochemistry. Knowledge on analytical methods covering either mineral exploration, mineral resource evaluation or mining environment with tailing management and monitoring also utilizing trace and isotope geochemistry can be seen as a strength.

The candidate elected for the professorship is required to follow the scientific progress, pursue scientific research and carry out and develop teaching in the field of applied geochemistry, hold and mark examinations, and evaluate research papers and dissertations. The candidate elected for the chair should also develop close collaboration with universities, research institutes and mining companies. In addition, administrative duties and participation in student admission are also included in the annual total of 1612 working hours.


The salary of a Professor will be based on levels 8-10 of the requirement level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of the Finnish universities. In addition to the basic salary, supplementary salary will be given for personal achievement and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 50% of the basic salary level for the post. The full salary is approximately 5,500 – 8,800 euros per month for a professor.

The successful candidate will receive also full benefits provided by the University of Oulu to all its employees, including free time corresponding to holidays and free occupational health care services.

Selection Criteria and procedure

Under section 33 of the Universities Act, the required qualifications for the professor position include a doctoral degree, high quality scientific competence, experience in scientific research, ability to give high quality education based on research and to supervise bachelor, master’s as well as doctoral theses, as well as evidence for international collaboration in person’s field of research. Issues taken into consideration include peer-reviewed scientific publications and other research results with scientific value, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the skill to create teaching material. In addition to this, the following merits will be taken into consideration: the candidate’s success in acquiring external funding; and international research collaboration. A particular emphasis is paid to the submitted research and action plan.

Candidates will be evaluated taking into consideration:

1. Their potential to establish or currently have externally funded research programmes,

2. Highly visible scientific publications and other outstanding merits with scientific value,

3. Demonstrated international collaboration and activeness of the applicant in the international scientific community,

4. A demonstrated capacity, ability and experience in mentoring and supervising undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral scientists,

6. Teaching experience and pedagogic training, ability to produce teaching material, other merits as a teacher and teaching demonstrations, and

7. The demonstration lecture if seen to be needed.

The selection procedure will be carried out by a Recruitment Committee of the Faculty of Technology according to the University of Oulu guidelines. The candidates are subjected to publication analyses based on their publication lists. The shortlisted candidates will also be evaluated by other academic experts outside the University of Oulu.

How to apply

Please submit your application and relevant enclosures through our online recruitment system latest on 13 June 2021. The application should be written in English and it should include the following documents:

1. A letter of application with contact information

2. Curriculum Vitae following the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity:

3. A list of publications preferably with DOI identifications, with the ten most important ones marked, following the guidelines of the Academy of Finland (

4. A brief account of research merits (max. 3 page)

5. A brief account of teaching merits or a teaching portfolio (max. 2 pages)

6. Details regarding the acquisition of research funds (max. 2 pages)

7. A brief research and action plan (max. 3 pages)

8. Contact details of 2 persons from whom recommendations would be available

The position is permanent, starting October 2021 or as agreed. A six-month trial period will be applied to the position.

For further information regarding the filling of this post, please contact:

Professor Kari Strand, Oulu Mining School, Faculty of Technology, tel. +358 40 725 7025, email: kari.strand(at)

Professor Saija Luukkanen, Director, Oulu Mining School, tel., +358 50 465 2982, email: saija.luukkanen(at)

Professor Riitta Keiski, Dean, Faculty of Technology, tel. +358 (0)29 448 2348, email: riitta.keiski(at)