Research Assistant in Outcome Prediction in Stroke Patients

National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University, One Research Assistant Wanted in Outcome Prediction in Stroke Patients

Office 工學院--應用力學研究所

TIME 2022/5/13 下午 03:51:20

Content [Job Description]

One full-time (or part-time) research assistant wanted to work on outcome prediction in acute ischaemic stroke patients. The project will be performed in collaboration with Dr Sung-Chun Tang in the Stroke Unit at NTU Hospital, where the relevant clinical team has gathered a very large database of patients with acute ischaemic stroke. The aim of this project is to determine whether it is possible to predict accurately the outcome of those patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation (AF), which is a major risk factor in stroke patients, using only simple, non-imaging, measurements. A positive outcome would enable those patients most at risk to be identified very early (leading to better care and outcomes) using just simple, cheap, instrumentation (making the research highly translational). This would have clear clinical application and help to guide treatment and to improve outcomes in this patient population. Success in this patient group would also provide a basis for outcome prediction in other patient groups. For further information, please contact Professor Stephen Payne.

The duties of the role include:
1. Engaging in original research relating to signal processing and outcome prediction in acute ischaemic stroke patients;
2. Writing papers for publication and presenting work at conferences;
3. Assisting in supervising research students as appropriate;
4. Liaising with clinicians at NTUH, led by Dr Sung-Chun Tang, and maintaining the necessary databases appropriately;
5. Other routine duties that arise from time to time.

[Job Experiences Required]
1. Experience of performing original research;
2. Experience of publishing original research in journal/conference papers;
3. Experience of programming languages (such as Matlab, C, Fortran, Python).

1. A high standard of English language skills, both written and oral.
2. At least a master’s degree in a subject related to the work of the group.
3. Previous experience in original research in a related area.

National Taiwan University Institute of Applied Mechanics.

[Working hours] 9:00 to 18:00

[Salary Range] According to National Taiwan University’s chart for the full-time personal assistant, and the University’s other relevant rules. (Bonus can be given according to performance.)

[Quota] One full-time person (part-time applications also welcome).

[Contact Method]
1. Contact Person: Professor Stephen Payne (潘斯文)
2. Email:
3. Phone number: (02) 3366-5675

1. The title of your email should specify: Application for Research Assistant xxx (Name)
2. Candidates who fit the profile will be notified for interview. No other applications will be accepted once the vacancy is filled.
3. Those who do not fit the requirements will be notified once the vacancy is filled.

[Files to be included in the Application]
1. Application letter in English (up to two pages in length).
2. Resume (including autobiography, list of publications and contact number).
3. Scanned copy of the graduation certification.
4. Scanned copy of certifications of other relevant skills, training, and other experience that would benefit the application.

Publication Date: XXX
Contact Person: Professor Stephen Payne
Contact Number: (02) 3366-5675

Contact Professor Stephen Payne (潘斯文)
Tel 02-33665675
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