Research Assistant in Pesticide-Free Agriculture

University of Hohenheim Institute of Landscape and Plant Ecology

Student or Research Assistant

HiWi jobs in project on pesticide-free agriculture

In the NOcsPS project ( we are currently investigating landscape-scale factors that affect insect biodiversity and natural pest control in pesticide-free agriculture. For this project we are seeking HiWis who would help with the field work and with the identification of insect species in the lab. 

The particular tasks include:

    • Assisting the doctoral student with the collection of insect samples on different farms across Baden-Württemberg
    • Assisting with the collection of insect samples on the Agricultural Experiment Stations of Uni Hohenheim (Heidfeldhof, Meiereihof, Kleinhohenheim)
    • Vegetation surveys of newly established flower strips on the Meiereihof
    • Analysis of insect samples and identification of key insect groups (aphids, ladybugs, hoverflies, lacewings)  

Most of the work will take place in June-July 2021, but the project will continue until 2023 and could also provide follow-up opportunities for study projects and MSc. theses.  

If you are interested, please send an email (asap) indicating:

    • your interest in one or more of the outlined jobs
    • your general availability in June-July 2021, in particular the possibility to join full-day field trips
    • your experience regarding field work, vegetation surveys or even insect taxonomy

Dr. Joern Pagel (
Institute of Landscape and Plant Ecology (320A)

Application deadline : 14.08.2021