Research Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Vanderbilt University College of Arts and Science


Research Assistant Professor in the area of theoretical/computational materials physics to pursue research of structure-property relations in nanoscale materials and structures – structural, electronic, magnetic, electromechanical properties --  two-dimensional materials, heterostructures, ferroelectrics, complex oxides – defects in semiconductors, device physics and reliability -- in conjunction with experimental data (microscopy, proximal probes, electrical measurements, noise); co-mentor undergraduate students, graduate students, and junior post-docs.


The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. or equivalent in Physics or related discipline, about five years’ post-doc experience and commensurate publication record showing both creativity and ability to collaborate with experimental groups. Good writing and communications skills.

Application Instructions

Applicant must submit full Curriculum Vitae, Research Statement, and three (3) letters of recommendation.