Research Associate in Chemistry

Gulf University for Science & Technology

We are looking for a highly motivated synthetic organic chemist preferably with additional expertise in polymer and/or supramolecular chemistry. The research project lies at the interface of polymer chemistry, materials chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry. It focuses on the design, characterization, and applications of aromatic hydrocarbons and graphene-like structures for gas separation. 

Required skills:

• Ph.D. Degree in organic/polymer from a recognized university.

• 1-5 years of research experience in advanced organic/polymer synthesis.

• Demonstrated record of expertise in modern synthetic organic chemistry including carrying out reactions under inert atmosphere (i.e. Schlenck techniques).

• Acquaintance with microwave synthesis and advanced purification and isolation techniques.

• Excellent communication and computer skills.

• Fluent in English. Preferred skills

• Hands-on C-C and C-Z cross coupling reaction methods.

• Knowledge of polymer and/or supramolecular chemistry.

• Experience in advanced spectroscopic and surface analyses techniques.

• Familiar with bibliographical search engines.

• Good publication record.


The successful candidate is expected to execute and actively participate in the success of the research projects. The successful candidate will be also expected to:

• Assist in the design and the planning of laboratory experiments.

• Support the principal investigator in their research projects particularly in the area of synthetic organic chemistry.

• Prepare inventories for equipment, chemicals, and supplies.

• Follow-up the acquisition process of supplies and equipment and will be part of decision-making regarding the purchase of new instruments.