Research Fellow in Analytical and Physical Chemistry

University of Tartu Institute of Chemistry

Institute of Chemistry


Duties and responsibilities
  • Scientific research and development: development of microfluidic chips based on porous materials, development of analytical methods and their application on the chips.
  • Supervision of the students.
  • Teaching work in Estonian and English.
Required qualifications
PhD or an equivalent qualification.
Required experience
  • The candidate must have experience in conducting research in the field of analytical chemistry and in development of microfluidic chips made of porous materials. The candidate must be able to independently plan and conduct research in his/her field of specialty. The candidate must be capable of leading the work of the research group: plan and supervise students and researchers on their research work, and coordinate general activities of the group.
  • The candidate must be able to train students to use necessary analytical methods and technologies necessary to prepare the microfluidic chips.
  • The candidate must have published at least eight articles cited by the TR Web of Science in the last seven years.
  • The candidate must have experience in supervising students.
  • It is required that the candidate has teaching experience in Estonian and English.
Required language skills
Very good command of the Estonian language. The candidate's English skills must be sufficient for the work in the specific research area.

Starting at
Remuneration based on UT Salary Rules.
Additional info
Ivo Leito, ivo.leito [ät]