Research Fellow in Physics

National Taiwan University

Postdoc Research Fellow Recruitment (;Department of Physics, National Taiwan University);

Office 理學院--物理學系

TIME 2021/7/15 下午 04:14:38

Content Position Description:

The Experimental High Energy Physics group at National Taiwan University invites applications for a couple of postdoctoral fellow positions participating LHC-CMS experiment.
A Ph.D. in Experimental Particle Physics is required. Qualified candidates will be considered, and can start, immediately. Experienced applicants could be considered for more senior research staff positions.

The experimental HEP group at NTU has 7 faculty, several senior researchers, postdocs, graduate students, and undergrads. The group contributes strongly to CMS, Belle/Belle II, Daya Bay/Juno, and KOTO experiments. The NTU-CMS main activities were in the ECAL preshower, the CMS Phase-I Upgrade Pixel project, and now the design, construction, and commissioning of the HGCAL, the CMS Phase-II upgrade of Endcap Calorimeter. The group is involved in various physics analyses with CMS data, including Higgs boson studies, high-pT new physics searches, Standard Model measurements involving photon, and top property measurements.

The successful candidates are expected to play leading roles in NTU’s efforts in Run 2 Physics analyses, detector performance studies, and construction of HGCAL detectors.

Application Materials Required:

Interested candidates should send the following items:

•Cover Letter
•Curriculum Vitae
•Short statement of research interests (1 page),
•Three reference letters sent (by direct email in PDF format) to the contact person.
The positions are available until filled.

Further Info:
Contact: Lu, Rong-Shyang (
Letters of Reference should be sent to:
Contact Lu, Rong-Shyang
Reader Faculty/Staff, Student, Alumni, Others