Research Fellow of Orthopedics

University of Tartu Institute of Clinical Medicine

Institute of Clinical Medicine



Duties and responsibilities
  • Participation in research, development and creative activities under the supervision of a professor or associate professor.
  • Internationally recognised research in five years at least in the volume equivalent to that of 1.5 doctoral theses (at the workload of 1,0).
  • Development of skills necessary for research, development and creative activities, and professional development.
  • Teaching (in Estonian and English), using modern teaching methods and educational technology, supervising primarily students of the first and second level of higher education and residents.
  • Professional development to enhance teaching and supervising skills.
  • Participation in the work of the university’s decision-making bodies is recommended.
  • Popularisation of the specialisation.
Required qualifications
PhD or an equivalent qualification.
Required experience
  • Ability to participate in organising research, development and creative activities in the specialisation.
  • Internationally recognised professional research, the volume of which so far is equivalent to that of at least one doctoral thesis.
Required language skills
Estonian - very good in speaking and writing, English - adequate language skills for professional communication.

Starting at


Remuneration based on UT Salary Rules.
Additional info
Head of Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Professor Aare Märtson, aare.martson [ät], 731 8280.