Research Fellow of Semiotics

University of Tartu Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics

Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics


Duties and responsibilities
Research, development and creative activities (at least 70% of working time)
  • Participation in the research, development and creative activities (socio and media semiotics) under the supervision of a professor or associate professor. Conducting research that is related to the project “A Semiotic approach to e-threat discourse: Analysis of Estonian media”.
  • International-level research in the volume equivalent to at least 1.5 doctoral theses in five years.
  • Development of skills necessary for research, development and creative activities, and professional development.

Teaching and activities related to the administration and development of teaching (up to 20% of working time):

  • Teaching, using modern teaching methods and educational technology, primarily supervising students of the first and second level of higher education.
  • Professional development to enhance teaching and supervising skills.

Participation in the work of the university’s decision-making bodies is recommended. Popularising specialisation of Semiotics and Culture Studies.

Required qualifications
PhD or an equivalent qualification
Required experience
  • Ability to participate in the research, development and creative activities of the semiotics and culture studies.
  • International-level research in the specialisation, the volume of which so far is equivalent to at least one doctoral thesis.
Required language skills
Excellent command of Estonian. Command of English sufficient for professional communication and research.
Starting at
Remuneration based on UT salary rules.
Additional info
Professor Bruno Mölder, Head of the Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, bruno.moelder [ät]
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