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Published: 2021-03-03

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Uppsala University offers a position at the Centre for Gender Research for a researcher/postdoc with a focus on gender and science/technology, at 100 % for two years, starting in August 2021. (UFV-PA 2021/565)

The Centre for Gender research is an interdisciplinary unit at Uppsala University and has three main missions:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Research information

Job description: the work entails research on gender mainstreaming in a large science and technology research program (eSSENCE) to establish how a more gender-inclusive approach to e-science research might be achieved. The project involves desktop research, qualitative interviewing, observations, (co-)writing academic publications, and giving conference papers and presentations to diverse audiences. Research administrative tasks and/or teaching may be part of the tasks for the hired postdoc. The candidate who is hired will be expected to be an active part of the Centre’s seminars and to contribute to its research milieu.

About the project: The purpose of this 2-year post doc position is to explore how the issue of gender is addressed in eSSENCE in order to suggest how a more gender-inclusive approach to e-science research might be achieved. Recent work by Johanssen (2018) indicates that women are not necessarily absent from physics, for example, but unevenly distributed across different sub-domains. The first research question therefore is: how and why do different e-science domains attract different gender profiles? Second, research also repeatedly points to the ‘leaky pipeline’ (e.g. Payne 2018 in Nature blogs) of women exiting from science careers post-PhD. The second research question therefore is: how can conversion rates from PhD into early and mid e-science careers be improved to retain promising young female researchers? Thirdly, we know that different e-science domains attract diverse gender profiles so how can collaboration across disciplines and research sites help to generate more effective gender mainstreaming? Apart from research publications (articles in international peer-reviewed research journals), the outcomes of this postdoc research project will include i) policy recommendations regarding the improvement of conversion rates from PhD status to e-science careers among women; ii) a strategy for developing e-science related collaborations across disciplines and research sites; and iii) a strategy for science-society collaboration with a focus on gender integration.

Criteria for qualification: To be eligible for the position, the applicant must have a PhD. The applicant should not be more than 6 years post-PhD. We are looking for a researcher with a background and degree in a relevant field, and with an interest in science and technology and gender. Furthermore, the candidate must have the personal qualities needed to perform well in this position. The work requires the ability to work independently, as well as the ability to interact constructively both within academia and with society at large. It is desirable that the applicant has good command of both Swedish and English.

At present there are more employees with legal gender woman than legal gender man in researcher at the Centre for gender research. The university is striving for a more balanced distribution of legal gender within this category.

Salary: Individual salary.

The application should include the following: a personal letter that contains a motivation for the applicant’s wish to pursue research at the Centre for Gender research within the framework of gender mainstreaming (max 2 pp); a brief CV (max 7 pp); a description of how the applicant’s previous experience is relevant to the project (max 1 p), a list of publications and any other documents the applicant wishes to submit.

More information about the Centre for Gender Research is available on our homepage

For inquiries about the position, please contact the Director for the Centre for Gender Research, Helena Wahlström Henriksson, tel. 018-471 7298, email

Starting date: Augusti 2021 or as otherwise agreed.

Type of employment: Temporary position for two years.

Scope of employment: 100 %.

Please submit your application by 12 April 2021, UFV-PA 2021/565.

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Placement: Centre for Gender Research

Type of employment: Full time , Temporary position longer than 6 months

Pay: Individual salary

Number of positions: 1

Working hours: 100%

Town: Uppsala

County: Uppsala län

Country: Sweden

Union representative: Seko Universitetsklubben

Number of reference: UFV-PA 2021/565

Last application date: 2021-04-12

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