Scientific Assistant in Rock Magnetism

University of Bern Institute of Geological Sciences

Scientific Assistant, Rock Magnetism Group
Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern

We are looking for a scientific assistant to support us with the project 'Magnetic pore fabrics: Predicting pore geometry, permeability anisotropy and preferred flow directions based on magnetic anisotropy data'

Understanding the migration of fluids through the subsurface is essential for maintaining clean sources of water, using geothermal energy, and modeling the flow of petroleum and emplacement of ore deposits. These fluids move from pore to pore at micrometer scales. When pores are elongated and preferentially aligned, flow will be easier and faster in some directions compared to others, giving rise to preferred flow directions. The aim of this project is to improve magnetic pore fabric characterization methods. These new methods have the potential to be more time-efficient, and have higher resolution than traditional methods, and can be applied to studies in geology, environmental, and material sciences.

Description of work
A major challenge in magnetic pore fabric studies is the impregnation of rocks with ferrofluids. We are developing and testing new impregnation experiments, and investigating different types of impregnation fluid. One goal is to design experiments that help separate the contribution of different pore sizes. Magnetic results are compared to traditional pore characterization methods, e.g., X-ray tomography. The work is conducted at the University of Bern, and the Laboratory of Natural Magnetism at ETH Zurich.
We are looking for motivated and independent candidates with a master degree in geophysics, geology or a related area, strong mathematical skills and a desire to work in the laboratory, ideally with experience in pore fabric characterization, magnetic anisotropy or X-ray tomography.
Please send a cover letter describing your motivation and research background, CV, academic transcripts/diploma, and at least two recommendation letters (all in one pdf file) to Andrea Biedermann ( Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.